Chris’s Club-to-Club Challenge

5 May 2020, by Chrissie Martin

As a proud Oxonian involved in tennis for many years and a keen cyclist, Chris is embarking on a cycle challenge to raise some money for our heroes in the local NHS.

Starting this Friday, he will be cycling to all accredited tennis clubs in the county (56 in total). He doesn’t think this feat has been done before and is looking for a challenge combining cycling and tennis and, most importantly, raising a bit of money.

Each day, for 5 days Chris will set off from his home in Carterton and aim to visit as many tennis clubs within the day as he can. He’ll return home each day and keep going until he’s bagged all 56.

Look out for daily photos, videos and blog posts from Chris.

If you’d like to donate to this excellent cause, then please visit Chris’s JustGiving page:


What could possibly go wrong!

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