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Club Rules

The following rules are designed to ensure fairness and order in the allocation and use of courts. In order to assist the implementation, any member waiting to play is entitled to ascertain the current state of any set in progress and any player, if so requested, should provide such information.

  • Only members and guests of members (who may play at the club on no more than three occasions per year for the fee of £5 per session) may use the club courts.
  • The executive committee shall have the power to arrange the holding of matches, tournaments, and other competitions, and to reserve courts for such purposes at their discretion.
  • Grass courts may only be used when suitable for play. They may not be used before 11.00am unless, on occasions, sanctioned by the executive committee.

Dress code

  • Players should wear recognised tennis clothing and shoes on court at all times. Members must display membership tags at all times.

Priority of play

  • Members who have reserved courts using the electronic booking system have priority for court usage. Members who arrive at the club and use available courts are advised to book them on the screen in the clubhouse lobby to ensure that anyone looking at the system from another location can see that the court is booked. If, for any reason, members are unable to use reserved courts they should cancel the booking as early as possible.
  • When courts are reserved for club mornings or evenings or match practice other users are requested to use unreserved courts, and to complete their matches on reserved courts before 6.30pm.
  • No previously arranged singles or doubles sets may be played on club or match practice evenings after 6.30pm unless there are suffcient courts for club play.


  • Courts are pre-booked for coaching and the Junior Academy and the same rules apply to these bookings as for club evenings and match practice evenings.
  • The only coaching authorised at the club is through Breakpoint Tennis. It is against club rules to run coaching sessions outside of the club’s coaching programme.


  • If any member considers that any of the above rules is being contravened he or she should inform a member of the executive committee.

Court Etiquette

  • Always wait until play has stopped before walking onto or behind a court someone else is playing on
  • To avoid accidents remove any stray balls from your court before the point starts and suspend the point if a ball from another court rolls onto yours whilst you are playing.
  • The server should take responsibility to keep the score throughout their service game.
  • Show respect at all times to those on your court and adjacent courts.
  • The ball should be called in unless the player closest to it can clearly see otherwise.
  • If a ball lands on or close to a line and no clear-cut decision can be made the benefit of doubt should be given. A let call should not be made.
  • If you accidentally hit a ball onto another court you should wait until the players on that court have stopped playing before moving to retrieve it.